Woman `s masturbation! Are you ready girls?

Yes, it is true - and women masturbating. Although we, the women do not feel the same "desire" to our physical masturbating like men (though not so often as men), girls definitely are sexually aroused, particularly during puberty. Usually it is not only a physical experience but also an emotional experience. Remember those screaming, crying of girls at Beatles concerts? That was a strong hormonal response, if we can say that.

Many women, even if they masturbate or not, they feel uncomfortable or intimidated when it comes to masturbation. It is a subject that is split with your friends. Some girls have sexual contact with more before being ready to have to deal with an emotional impact.
Masturbation is a healthy way for women to satisfy their sexual desires and learn about the reaction to sex. Is particularly important for a woman to understand her body's reaction and feedback of sex, it is not something to be learn from a male partner - one of the mistakes that many of us do (OK, before you receive any email strange from any "male partner" who has read this page, let me say that I am sure there are some men that women delight in them, but I think most women would be safer not to rely on this.) Therefore, not surprisingly, many women have been sexually active for many years with their sexual partner but never had an orgasm. This is a tragedy - and also reintareste important as a woman to be in control of her body and sexual reaction.

I will continue soon ..

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I luv masterbation and cant get (or am not allowed) enough of it in my world as sir wont let me. Great blog. Thanks.

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