Woman`s masturbation - part two

Women can get an orgasm by stimulation (direct or indirect) of the clitoris. Therefore, a simple approach to masturbation is to stimulate your clitoris with one finger.
Find a quiet room where you can relax and focus your thoughts and feelings.
You can begin to imagine erotic scenes while I touch your clitoris. But just as you do of course is up to you. You can experiment with different styles or speeds to see which is stimulating.
As you're even more excited, your vagina will become moist, you can use this fluid to stimulate your clitoris more easily. Also you would like to touch other body parts with the other hand free. Massage your breasts, nipples slightly strange ..... let your hand to do what you want your boyfriend to do.
Your mind can travel anywhere. You know the boy (girl !!!!) ala / thing you drew and was always in your mind? Now it's time for you two to be together! Have you ever wanted to make love on the beach by moonlight? Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Any situation that you can imagine one, or you desire, take life in your imagination. There are no rules.
How do you know if you had an orgasm if you never had one before? Well, let's see ...
an orgasm is technically defined as a sudden release of tension accompanied by involuntary contractions of the muscles and pleasant. If your body begins to move in directions that you do not have the intention, while waves of pleasure flowing through your body, could that just had an orgasm. If so, your clitoris will become so sensitive that you can not touch him - although some women may immediately stimulate and obtain multiple orgasms. Can you feel that you felt like crying during or after. Leave yourself free to express your orgasm in any way that we have Tomai. I feel much more relaxed and calm afterwards.

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